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Smart, athletic, or pretty?

             In my English class, I was asked which of these three things would i rather be: smart, athletic, or pretty. This topic was somewhat challenging because at my age, and being in high school, looks are everything. Being althetic is also a big deal, because everyone wants to be the star player in their sport. Being smart doesn't usually make someone popular or liked, it's something which isn't noticed very much by a person's peers. However, I easily picked that I would rather be smart than athletic or pretty.
             Of course, being athletic and having good looks can get you places in life, but I believe when it really comes down to it, you need to be somewhat intelligent. An example that comes to mind is: A person wants to be a model and applies for a job. That person has to be smart enough to fill out an application in order to get that job. The same things goes for being an athlete. If someone wants to play professional football, they have to be smart enough to be in college and play college football first. .
             I am aware that many people have gotten jobs and contracts to play football or to be models while being, basically, dumb. Eventhough that does happen, the thing to think about is, a lot of those people are rich, very, very good at what they do, or just got lucky. That doesn't happen for everyone. For most people, it takes a lot of hard work. Hard work, and knowledge that is. Knowledge to get into good schools, and to be impressive during interviews. .
             Another reason I would want to be smart instead of being good looking or athletic, is being smart can get you so many places in life. If you have the right knowledge, you can be whatever you want to be. You can go past jobs like modeling and onto more respected jobs. Jobs like being a lawyer and doctor requires a great amount of knowledge. These are also more promising jobs than modeling, and playing a professional sport, because when you're 50 years old, you can still peform these jobs, and they pay very well.

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