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The American century

            The 20th century is often considered the American Century because of the amount of change that America has undergone. These changes have led the United States to the top of the world on many standards. .
             In the time period of 1900-1910 child labor was at its peak. Children ranging from 5-12 years old could be found working in factories around the nation. These children would often work from 7:00am until midnight just to earn a dollar. Children were illiterate due to the fact that they would work all day and had no time for schooling. This was initially not seen as wrong. Most that disagreed turned away and did nothing. As time went on the United states did realize the injustice and passed stiffer legislation and did away with child labor. The country was better off and looked higher upon without child labor. .
             The next event in the 20th Century to change America's outlook was women's suffrage. The suffrage movement started in 1869 but the main movement was in the 20th century. Women were fighting for equal rights as men. The fight was long and slow moving but in 1920 the Nineteenth Amendment was officially added to the United States Constitution. It was ratified and passed on August 26, 1920. This gave women equal rights as men and therefore a much stronger united American. .
             The United States would take a hard turn soon after the suffrage movement. A depression began to slip in and some say due to a lazy president on October 24th, the stock market crashed. This day would be called "Black Thursday." The Great Depression was the largest depression that ever occurred in the United States. It is probably the most misunderstood event in American History. The assumption drawn from the great depression is that unregulated capitalism is bad and that only a big government society is stable and effective. This is proven wrong by the fact that the great depression was mainly caused by government intervention and the Federal Reserve Board causing large inflations.

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