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lord of the flies

             Lord of the flies is a book that is full of action and adventure which takes place on a deserted island after a plane full of young boys is shot down. This story is told from a third person point of view. This story is quite depressing because it deals with the dark side of human nature in ways most people have never seen or heard of before. .
             The leading role in this novel is Ralph. At the begging of this story he is a very playful, fun loving normal child but by the end he matures a lot. Ralph is one of the few children on the island that realize that the only way to stay alive is having by having peace and order on the island. Because Ralph calls the boys at the beginning of the book with a conch that him and piggy found, all the children look at Ralph as the most responsible of the boys and they make him chief. Ralph's main enemy on the island is Jack Merridew, he is older then most of the other kids. Jack is the leader of the choir boys and is named "chief of hunters" by Ralph. Jack and the hunters are very cruel children and they are separate from the Ralph and his peaceful group. Jack is the main reason why the island becomes corrupted.
             Ralph's main friend is a fat little boy by the name of piggy. Piggy is a very smart boy but never ceases in complaining about the problems that they have on the island. Piggy's glasses are the boys only hope in getting rescued but most the bys still bully and push him around. Roger is a young boy on the island that is showing hints of evilness. Roger is always pushing around Piggy and other kids that are smaller then him. Roger is becomes good friends with Jack. Jack brings out Rogers dark side because by the end of the novel Roger committed murder and many other brutal offenses. Simon is one of the best most caring kids on the island and this shows because of the way he takes care of the "littluns".

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