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Inside of my ride

            The inside of my ride from the driver's side.
             Well I"m going to describe the inside of my car. First off I have a 96 Dodge Intrepid. I"m going to describe my car from the driver's seat perspective. When you first get in you notice the dusty smell. There is a lot of head and leg room so it's very comfortable. The seats are adjusted manually by a lever on the bottom to move the seat front to back. There is a lever on the side to adjust your incline. .
             It's dirty on the floor from mud stains and spilled drinks. The dash is covered in dust that has been continuously cleaned by hand. It still looks like it needs to be cleaned. The windshield has a crack that starts in the middle and goes five inches vertical then takes a left and goes to the end. .
             The review mirror has several items dangling from it. This list includes my graduation tassel, some dice, a rosary, an eight-ball in flames air freshener, a stuffed blue snake, and my UNL parking permit. The upholstery is dark blue, the dash is supposed to be the same color but you can hardly tell through all the dust. My steering wheel has a leather cover decorated with silver dragons all around it. .
             The driver door compartments have lot of change, mail, and several other miscellaneous items to many to name. My cup holder s, which is built into the arm rests, has some strange gunk building up on the bottom of them. I have a tape cassette player with a CD adapter. The factory speakers in the car are very loud and always are pumping out Tech Nine one of my favorite Midwest rap artists. .
             The dome lights are just above the review mirror. My car has all the basic automatic transmission stuff on the steering column. My headlight switch is on the dash board. It has the RPM odometer, speedometer of course, gas gage and heat index all in the dash. It has a big glove compartment on the passenger side. The glove compartment contains my insurance, registration, owners manual and of course old mail.

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