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andrew jhonson

             In the year 1808, Andrew Johnson was born, from childhood to presidency. I outlined key points, which include: His Childhood, which briefly describes how his family was like, how he grew up and how he accomplished his goals. His presidency outlines, how he accomplished his victory as president of the United States, who inspired him to become President, how he got elected, and how he gained his popularity as President. Andrew Johnson led a remarkable life. I will also tell you how he impacted many people in America and how he solved many problems that accrued while he was president.
             Andrew Johnson was born in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1808. He lived with his parents Jacob and Mary Johnson along with his older brother William. Jacob Johnson worked as a janitor for the State capital along with a hostler at the inn. "His father was a hero. He saved two friends from drowning in the year 1812, however, he died from over-exertion. Johnson was three when he died."" (http://www.encyclopedia.com/html/section/ Johnson_ earlylife.asp). Mary maintained the home by working for Casso's Inn, a popular inn and stable. His widowed mother worked as a weaver and a spinner to feed Andrew and his older brother William. Turner Daugherty Andrews step father re-married when Andrew was young. Andrew Johnson never attended school. Andrew taught himself how to read. It is remarkable to see our President start off his childhood like this. He struggled through his life and he has been employed and unemployed throughout his years. He moved to Tennessee in 1826 along with his Mother, brother, and stepfather. He started his own business in Greenville, Tennessee a small Tailor shop. He eventually met Eliza McCardle when he was 17 and the two fell in love and got married on May 17, 1827. His wife improved his reading and writing skills because she was far smarter and more educated then him. .
             Johnson loved politics.

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