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A dreative perspective of Amer

            I could not stop reading as I advanced through the incredible rich language of words that led me smoothly to the sequence of events. At the age of fifty-eight, Steinbeck was brave because he refused to become a hindrance for his wife and a burden to society.
             He decided to take this road trip across America with only one companion, Charley, to satisfy his hunger to discover grass roots America. Charley plays an important role throughout his journey because he helps Stainbeck to break the ice with people. Charley's black characteristics made Staibeck realized the prejudice people had for Negroes when people repeatedly said to him " Man, oh man, I thought you had a nigger in there." .
             p. 252 as he sadly gives his point of view about the hard times of racism in America. .
             I noticed that Sainbeck was a little concerned with politics and wanted to know what some of the people he met in his travels thought about the situation with the Russians. Most people were very apathetic or were very cautious to speak out in public and did not openly discuss the subject. He also made some predictions illustrated today about the rapidly increase of civilization and industrialization followed by pollution " The big towns are getting bigger and the villages smaller." P.71. .
             On the other hand, Stainbeck proudly acknowledges the beauties of nature throughout America, such as the redwoods of southern Oregon and the greenish mountains of Montana. .
             Although I am not an American, I am beginning to realize the value of its culture, the vastness of the country's natural resources, and uniqueness of the American people. In one way, without abandoning my cultural background, I felt as an American and have respect for its culture. .

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