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To Legalize Or Not To Legalize

             Many names have been given to describe "a preparation made from the dried flower clusters and leaves of the cannabis plant" (Dictionary), usually taken through the act of smoking or ingestion, resulting in a feeling of euphoria. To legalize or not to legalize, that is the question of debate contemplating the Canadian government today. Though marijuana may impair one's judgment, comprehension, and/or speech, "The Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs" has concluded in a medical study marijuana is far "less harmful than alcohol, and should be governed by the same sort of rules" (CBC). Through the legalization of marijuana, the Canadian society can benefit through positive effects, including; a control of the marijuana substance; a decrease of usage of both legal and illegal drugs; and an increase in tax revenues, along with a decrease in government spending on drug enforcement and crime. Although many may view marijuana as a negative effect on society, as clearly demonstrated through the selling of marijuana in The Netherlands, the legalization can ultimately help a nation move one step closer to a utopian society.
             Although the control of marijuana may seem hard to regulate, many positive effects can be the result if achieving control. Through "a regulatory system for production and sale" (Medical Marihuana), the government would not only rid of the black market for the number one illegal selling drug, but would in end, reduce the chance of the "tainting" of marijuana with other chemicals and/or drugs. Today, as many as "2 million Canadians" use the drug regularly (and "100, 000 Canadians" use the drug daily) (Frank Discussion), unaware of where their marijuana is grown and who it is grown by (using what chemicals). With the control of the Canadian government, rules and laws much like the tobacco industry can regulate the growth of the plants, along with the usage of certain pesticides and plant stimulants/steroids.

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