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Legalize It

             "Making Drugs illegal has not diminished the American appetite for these substances" (Drug Trial 65).
             America's "War on Drugs" which make the recreational use of marijuana illegal is not working. In the initial.
             stages of marijuana prohibition Americans resorted to going to other means of getting what they hunger and what.
             they were used to before the prohibition. In this time of prohibition gangs and other illegal organizations have.
             used this hunger to their advantage. Marijuana prohibition has led to larger percentage of organized crime and .
             gang violence. Is this what America wants as an outcome of the War on Drugs? Marijuana should be legalized .
             because current drug laws are not working, it has medical uses, crime rate will decrease, and the War on Terror.
             can be won if marijuana is legalized.
             Many opposers to legalization argue that if marijuana was legal then crime rate will increase, much more .
             car accidents would occur, marijuana use would lead to more harsher drug use, and that marijuana has no medicinal .
             value. Most of these arguments are myths and have never been scientifically proven. In many scientific studies and .
             surveys most of these have been proven to be wrong.
             American drug laws are not currently working marijuana is still a widely used drug. According to Ira Glasser, .
             millions of employees in both the public and private sectors are now subject to urinalysis drug testing programs whether.
             or not they are suspected of using drugs. Marijuana is the most common drug turned up by these "body fluid searches".
             Many more people use marijuana than other illicit drugs and is a drug that can be detected after days and weeks after .
             the initial ingestion (134). Even with drug tests and harsh punishments marijuana is still in the high amounts and the .
             drug of choice. One government surveys about eighty-five percent of high school seniors say it is "very easy" or .
             "fairly easy" to obtain marijuana.

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