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             Drugs have been talked about for ages between young and old people. One of the most talked about subjects dealing with drugs is the legalization of them. A few reasons for legalization are more controlled use and less drug trafficking. Well in Canada that is the reasoning, less trafficking. The Canadians feel that the usage will stay the about the same but trafficking will go way down as the demand from dealers gets lower.
             "In 1988 it was estimated that laundered drug money amounted to tax-free sums of over $100 billion per year, more than the gross national products of 150 of the 170 nations of the world." That's way too much money; something new needs to be tried because what governments are doing now just isn't working. Bringing a stop to the demand is the perfect idea. Stopping the demand would work so great because the drug traffickers would have nobody to sell to, make the plan a success.
             My uncle was a dealer who sold mainly out of Canada where the supply was great and the police had no idea. When the law passed to make heroin legal he lost almost all of his customers because people could use it without being arrested or fined. The trafficking issue almost completely disappeared when trafficking dropped eighty percent. Legalization could possibly bring down usage. If a user has to register with the government to use the product and must notify current and future employers, the chances of that particular person getting the job over somebody that's clean is slim to none.
             Eventually people will figure out that drugs aren't the right way to go. I do think legalization is the correct road to victory in the war against drugs and drug trafficking. As soon as the Canadian government took away the right to use heroin legally, the crime rate of dealing went through the roof. Obviously legalization did more good than bad.
             Drug dealers have the upper hand in this battle. Some make enough to support a country and could soon be buying one if something is not done to stop these criminals.

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