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Legalize It!

            The color green is what defines the planet this day in age. Money passages its murky way in and out of consumer's and producer's hands like the tide of an active beach. Green lights provide traffic with half of a frequent flow of normality and order system. Even the literal hue of the planet Earth is green, save for the blue oceans, due to the curtains of foliage which seems to blanket the landscape generously. With this plethora of plant-life comes variety, and with variety comes curiosity, choices, and selection, hence the discovery of certain mind-altering substances. While on the open topic of shrubbery, there is an obvious fact that plants help us shelter ourselves, relax, and even breathe. People, however, turn the cold shoulder when they hear about weed, pot, doobies, or the Leaf Chief. The general public tends to blatantly ignore the scientific legitimacy that marijuana does indeed help the human race. Although marijuana can cause hallucinogenic and harmful side-effects when overly used, it should be legalized because of simple medical, economic, governmental, and stress reducing conceptions. The legalization of marijuana; what a marvelous initiative! .
             Yes, pot-heads, behold! Imagine the fiscal tribulations that would be solved. Anyone who wanted a quick joint to ease their mind before a 9:00 AM Advanced Writing and Literary Techniques class would be charged an outrageous government tax to buy it, instead of risking life and limb to illegally purchase one from some guy named Karl who doesn't deserve to share the air he or she breathes in let alone their hard earned money. Why give money to the scum of the earth when it can go to the government to aid in the betterment of the country .yeah? This would not only help replenish lost revenues, additionally, taxation of marijuana would aid in the allocations of government surpluses because there would be more money to spend on public relief to programs such as Social Security and the growing number of unemployment.

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