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Tuesdays with Morrie

             An aphorism is defined as a terse saying or opinion, an adage, or a proverb. The dictionary's definition of "aphorism", while providing an accurate interpretation, does not go deep enough to allow full understanding of the use of aphorisms in Tuesday's With Morrie. Throughout the book, Morrie cites original and famous aphorisms to give Mitch, among other characters, words to live by. Many of these aphorisms stood out as especially proverbial; my group felt that a certain five should be embraced. Each of these five contain a deeper meaning that gives a way life should be lived. They all deal with either love or death, which are the two topics many people seem to have trouble dealing with. It is for this reason that these five were picked as the ones that should be adapted into our lives. .
             In one point in the book, Morrie is discussing with Mitch the importance of being prepared for death. As he puts it, "Everyone knows they're going to die, but nobody believes it." This aphorism states that nobody lives each day ready to die; nobody thinks deeply about preparation for his or her own death. The connotation is that this is not the way life should be lived. Morrie's advice is to "Do what the Buddhists do. Every day, have a little bird on your shoulder that asks, 'is today the day? Am I ready? Am I doing all I need to do? Am I being the person I want to be?'" This aphorism is Morrie's way of telling people that they shouldn't fear death or ignore its unavoidable existence. They should accept it and the fact that their time will come, and then live their life to the fullest. .
             This aphorism introduces one that follows the same advice: "Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live." Like the previous one, this aphorism suggests that death should be accepted. The latter differs from the one above in the sense that it states that it is not until we actually follow through with the act of accepting death that we are really able to live.

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