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Little Big Man

            TOPIC: Dustin Hoffman was unconvincing in his role in Little Big Man (Against).
             3 years before "Little Big Man" Dustin Hoffman made his American cinema debut in "The Graduate" playing a comical role next to "Mrs. Robinson". He soon became well known and even got an Academy Award Nomination for his performance in the graduate. His next film "Midnight cowboy" also scored Hoffman a nomination securing his place next to the greats in Hollywood. His performance in "Little Big Man" although not nominated was loved by most critics which said his performance was moving in this "epic yarn by 121-year-old-man". .
             Most say that the reason for Hoffman's popularity was he was an inspiration to rebels of the 70's who rejected the values of their parents and were confused about their future, this was greatly due to his boyish seduction with "Mrs. Robinson".
             But his acting talents were stretched and tested in Little Big Man with his character Jack Crabb going through many life phases, His first phase as a boy raised by Indians is very comical and shows the Indians in a happier light then most movies before. He then enters his second "religious" phase, which is abruptly ending when his foster mum is caught having an affair. This comical tone and characters go on throughout his "salesman & gun-fighting phases". .
             The first hour of Hoffman's performance is a comic experience as we follow his change from boyhood to manhood. Many comic characters seem to come and go through out the "yarn" but after that initial hour the plot changes from a Wild West to a schindlers list. Massacres start coming and we see Arthur Penn's "anti-Vietnam message" start to be shown with white murderousness and racism filling up the narrative quickly.
             Dustin Hoffman's role was greatly improved by his supporting actor "Old Lodge Skins" played by Chief Dan George he was the first Indian in cinema who didn't talk with lots of "ums and ahs", his performance was so good that he got a academy nomination for best supporting actor.

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