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Lord of the Flies

             Throughout the rise of human civilization, there have been few, if any, accounts of evolutionary back-tracking as disturbing as that recorded of the schoolboys marooned on the island in the pacific.
             The manner and speed in which these twenty or so English schoolboys aged between six and twelve reverted to savagery is somewhat unnerving yet not entirely shocking.
             In the following report such behaviour is discussed and several different perspectives provided.
             " From a very early age one excepts, or believes, or is told, that certain things exist in a certain manner. For example: that society is based on order, on reason, on justice."(Brink).
             I believe that the sudden and total shock of being removed from the familiar schoolyard surrounding the boys had become accustomed to may have quickened the way in which they reverted to savagery. The sudden lack of a society that knows order, reason and justice affected some boys quicker and more severely than others.
             Laws and rules are a necessary part of life to keep the darker side of human nature in check. IT seems, that when all elements of civilization disappeared, the boys reverted to a savage actions and anarchy that replaces the democracy that the boys once knew.
             Society holds the basics of civilized life together, and without civilization, laws and rile, the boy's ideals seem to diminish along with values and basic ideas of right and wrong. And thus, we have the introduction of the evils of human nature at its best. .
             THE LOSS OF IDENTITY.
             The boys seemed to have lost all traces of individual identity. This is clearly shown when the group is split in two; the "bigguns", who are the older children and the "littluns", who are the younger children.
             When the boys referred to as "the hunters" by the other children painted their faces and slaughtered the wild pigs they affectedly lose their individualism, and become part of a group mindset of savagery.

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