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Written Communications

            Communication takes place between people everyday. It is crucial to recognize that written communication is a core factor in the communication realm. Poor written communications can cause confusion and miss understandings in today's society. In addition written communication is even more prevalent then ever before. From newspapers, magazines, email, letter applications, and written forms of entertainment. Organizing your thoughts before you start writing by prewriting, drafting, and revising is important to present a well though written paper. You must also gain reader knowledge and have some basic comprehension of the subject being written about.
             Everyone is capable of communication in a multitude of ways. What most people fail to realize is that some sort of written communication is environment of our everyday life. Every time someone speaks, opinions are formulated and the audience makes judgments based on the quality of speech. This same relationship occurs between authors and readers. In today's society we use the Internet to chat and write e-mails which accounts for a growing percentage of written communication today. We present information to people in many ways and it is imperative to know how to present this information in a way that avoids confusion. A reader may form their opinions about a person they have never met, based solely upon their writing abilities that the write displays. In order for the reader to hold a positive opinion of the writer the reader needs to be provided with neatness, correct spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and proper grammar. If the writer fails in this area the article will be vague and confusing to the reader. .
             Poor written communication can cause confusion in a variety of work environments. If misunderstandings occur they can create chaos, slow progress as well as foster tension between colleagues. When miss communication happens within a large firm, it can even cause people to loose their jobs, money, and time.

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