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             A newspaper consists of news, articles, adverts, and other items printed on several large sheets of folded paper and sold to the public.
             There are two types of newspapers. One being called a tabloid. Tabloids are usually less serious than other newspapers. For example the "Sun". The other type of newspaper is called a broadsheet, which is usually more serious, i.e the "Times".
             The objective of a newspaper is to give the general public news. Information about a recent event or a recently changed situation. It also advertises things like cars, shop sales, or even newly built houses. A newspaper also consists of one's achievements, and other articles. Overall the main objective of a newspaper is to inform us.
             People read different newspapers. Those with a limited vocabulary would prefer newspapers like the "local Guardian". Local newspapers tend to have basic vocabulary, and news that would interest them. People who read broadsheet have a wider range of vocabulary. Papers like the "Telegraph" generally consists politics news, and news about the government. Though saying this we are not able to judge people depending on what type of paper they read.
             There are advantages and disadvantages about newspapers. The advantages being that it encourages us to read. It informs us about local achievements, and news. It gives out local announcements, sport news, horoscopes, and sales. Basically information that would interest anyone. It uses catchy headlines and interesting pictures, and news about famous celebrities. They can also pry into people's private lives i.e. the royal family. It is the gossip about other people's lives that encourage them to buy. Although gossip encourage people to buy the newspaper, is it right that we should be interested truly or falsely about other people's lives. .
             Newspapers inform us but at the same time it can cause a lot of problems. .

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