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            Euthanasia should not be legalised.
             Euthanasia is defined as a person who is suffering from a serious disease might be practise to be killed without a pain. This essay is mainly argue that Euthanasia should not be legalised. The most important reason for this argument is the patients who is suffering from the serious disease have n9o right to choose their life. Furthermore, new medicine might be invented, also, it is an immoral act to take people's life even though the person is terminally ill.
             It could be said without argue that every human should have the right to choose their life and no one can determine the others life include even the doctor. However, the reason for these patients killed by Euthanasia is they are too ill to choose their life, and it could be said that who decide to take others life should be assumed or punished , including their family members, because life is belong to patients themselves but not the family members" emotional.
             Another important point is new medicine will be invented to save the patients" life throughout time. New technology is developing with a highly speed in the world now, and the new curve will be possibly discovered in the future. Many examples of serious diseases (like cancer) treatment have been successfully invented. However , in the past ten years, it is unknown that the medicine could deal with cancer would be invented, also, number of people is dead of it. So it is widely believed that for the time for the scientists to discover these new curves , the only thing they need to do is holding the patients hands.
             The last important support for euthanasia should not be allowed is , it is an immoral act . The right could not be given to the doctors to operate euthanasia . It could be said that if euthanasia is legalised, the others might use the right to commit crimes.
             In conclusion , as above, there is few reason for euthanasia should be legalised .

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