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             Dow Jones Indexes develops, maintains and licenses market indexes for investment products. Among its more than 3,000 indexes are the world's best known stock indicator, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and the leading pan-European indexes, the Dow Jones STOXX Indexes. Dow Jones Indexes is an independent, full-service index provider, supplying accurate, reliable and transparent index data. .
             Dow Jones indexes underlie a variety of financial products in today's marketplace, including exchange-traded funds, futures and options contracts, mutual funds, variable annuity and equity-indexed annuities, and structured products such as OTC options, swaps, warrants, equity-linked notes and public/private debt.
             The 30 Components:.
             The Dow Jones Industrial Average is composed of thirty different companies that are a summary of the economy:.
             • Alcoa .
             • General Electric.
             • Johnson & Johnson.
             • Microsoft.
             • American Express.
             • GM.
             • GP Morgan Chase.
             • Procter & Gamble.
             • Boeing.
             • Home Depot.
             • Coca Cola.
             • SBC Communication.
             • CitiGroup.
             • Honeywell.
             • McDonalds.
             • AT&T.
             • Caterpillar.
             • Hewlett0Packard.
             • 3M.
             • United Tech.
             • Dupont.
             • IBM.
             • Philip Morris.
             • Wal-Mart.
             • Walt Disney.
             • Intel Corp.
             • Merck & Co.
             • Exxon Mobil.
             • Eastman Kodak.
             • Intl Paper.
             How is the Dow Jones Calculated into an average?.
             I have looked the estimated price for the Dow Jones stock prices in the year 2003 from the Wall Street Journal. After adding them all up, I came up with 1410.55, and found that the divisor to be 0.14418073. The average is therefore, 9783.21.
             But the figure I got is higher than the Financial Forecast Center's estimate.

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