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Smoking Question

             The local government in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo passed an ordinance banning smoking in public places. The fine for offenders smoking in public is 2,000 yen. I do not hold that smokers may accept it willingly. But I do not suppose 2,000 yen is enough to deter smokers from smoking in public. It is because smokers in public damage other people a lot.
             As I wrote before, smoking in public causes extensive damage to other people. Lets see some of them with me. To give an example, smokers in public often throw away cigarettes all over the place. And it is hard for us to clean there. Some people may think that not so many smokers in public throw away cigarettes. However, it is evident when we know the fact that the number of cigarettes thrown away became lesser after the operation of the ordinance.
             Theres other reason that I believe 2,000 yen isnt enough to deter smokers from smoking in public. If there are people who have weak windpipe around smokers, they will have a trying time. Everyone will judge such a situation cannot be allowed in imagining their choking situation.
             And the last reason I show you can be known when you think the case that lighted cigarettes touched other peoples fingers or clothes and so on, it burns their fingers, and dirties their clothes. Some people may say that cigarettes will be filliped before cigarettes burn parts of other peoples bodies. But most of people withdraw their hands in felling heats. And we cannot fillip cigarettes only by touching ashes or fire of cigarettes, however, we can be burnt when we touch them. So, victims occasionally have to accept the situation that people who burnt other peoples fingers do not admit the fact because they didnt notice that. But burnt fingers might be better in thinking that lighted cigarettes can touch childrens eyes. Height of cigarettes which smokers have in walking can be almost as high as height of childrens eyes.

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