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Wafer metrology

            Film Stress and Wafer Bow Measurement Systems. ( Room Temperature and High Temperatures - for Si or GaAs applications).
             We pioneered the optical lever (optilever) laser scanning technique for measuring film stress and wafer bow. Over 400 systems are installed worldwide. Our system is used routinely by fabs to monitor the film deposition process, which if not controlled, could lead to delamination, cracking and void formation in the wafer.
             2.Integrated Metrology Annealing Chamber ( Rapid characterization of new materials like Copper, low k dielectric and novel films ).
             The FSM 900TC-vac is based on a vacuum RTP type chamber with multiple metrology to simultaneously measure Stress hysteresis, Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy (TDS), Film Shrinkage and Reflectivity changes during a heat cycle. These information provide a rapid means to gauge the thermal stability and the suitability of a new materials and processes before releasing them to production. Most advanced fabs involved in low k, Cu development and MEMs technology have the FSM 900TC-vac tool. System may also incorporate an in situ 4 Point probe to study Resistivity changes of a material during a thermal cycle. Chamber operates up to 900 degrees C . A 1100 degrees C version is optionally available.
             3.Thin film Quantitative Adhesion Testers.
             We offer the tools based on the 2 methods widely adopted by the microelectronic industry for film adhesion testing- that is, the 4 Point Bend technique and MELT ( modified edge lift off test). Systems are available to test samples in ambient or in solutions.
             4.Substrate Thickness Measurement Systems ( Ultra thin Si or GaAs wafers - after Backgrind .
             and Chemical Etching).
             The FSM 413 proprietary optics is designed to measure wafer substrate thickness and TTV ( total thickness variation ) of ultra-thin wafers- even if these are supported by carriers like tapes, sapphire or quartz. Tool may also be used to profile depth of etched vias and trenches in MEMs and Optoelectronic devices.

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