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            Lastly, I came upon the article that deals with "attitude toward profession." An officer should see him self as a public servant, and hold police work to be an honorable profession rendering valuable service to his community. I see a community style police officer as the best public servant. By working closely with the community, he can easily identify the community's needs and find the best possible way to meet them. I also think that a police officer's attitude toward his profession will be more positive when he not only hears positive feedback from his superiors, but most importantly from the people he is serving, the community. .
             The first police department I looked at was the Perry Township Police Department of Stark County, Ohio. In the past, they have practiced law enforcement through the professional model of policing. They have identified several problems incorporated with the professional model. They were becoming less involved with the community they served. Much of it was deliberate, both to avoid some political problems and also to address the need to work faster and to work on several cases simultaneously (Community Policing). Another problem was that they were being more reactive than proactive. They were responding to crimes after they were committed. Identifying the downfalls of professional policing, the Perry Township Police Department is starting to design their process of community policing. They are going to start working with not only the community, but also its businesses, and other township and public agencies such as the educational system and public and private social service providers. Instead of responding to the same problems, they are going to use their community ties to get "out in front" of problems by identifying the causes and then working cooperatively with the affected parties to lessen or solve them (Community Policing).
             I also looked the Los Angeles Police Department.

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