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Thomas Jefferson

             Thomas Jefferson was an aristocrat who had much trust in the people.
             Spent much of his pre presidential life in public office.
             Governor of VA, Secretary of State, and Vice President.
             Jefferson's legacy as an Independence leader far outweighs his presidential accomplishments. For a man who had such an astounding first term, came out with a not so pleasing last term. - Thesis.
             v First Body paragraph.
             Jefferson's revolution.
             His election was described as a revolution.
             To restore the country to the liberty and tranquility it had known before Hamilton and Adams.
             Get the U.S. out of their national debt.
             Jefferson and Gallatin opposed taxes.
             They would suck money from the industrious farmers- the backbone of the Republic and give it to the wealthy creditors.
             Might tempt government to create a standing army.
             v Second Body Paragraph .
             Kept power in Judicial review.
             Biggest accomplishment was the Louisiana Purchase.
             By purchasing it he avoided foreign entanglement.
             He had dreamed of an "empire of liberty- extending across North and South America.
             Sent Lewis and Clark out to explore the new land and got accurate .
             valuable information from them.
             v Third Body Paragraph.
             1804 - Jefferson ran and won the election again.
             He faced challenges from a group of Republicans the Quids.
             Randolph - the leader blasted him for backing a compromise in the Yazoo land scandal.
             Randolph then blasted him over his request for a congressional appropriation to purchase Florida from Spain.
             Burr - Vice President - conspired to separate the western states into an independent Confederacy.
             Foreign affairs began to pose a sharp challenge to his administration.
             Trying to stay neutral between France and Britain's war.
             Dealt with impressments.
             Embargo Act - Which outraged the northerners.
             v Closing.
             He started out as a knowledgeable statesman and ended up being called "Mad Tom-.
             As the Author of the Declaration of Independence, he had a lot of credentials going into the presidency.

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