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the great depression

             It all started on Black Tuesday, middle class Americans living their everyday lives like any other day then by the end of the day it was chaos. Americans who used to be financially stable were standing in line for charity and others went to excessive measures and committed suicide. This horrible event in history is now known as The Great Depression.
             The Stock market crashing was the beginning of the Great Depression. Some of the other things that cause it were hoarding money, the gold standard. Hoarding money was when people would save up their money at home, instead of putting it into a savings account in a bank where the money can be lent out to other people. The Gold standard was how the government had gold to back up 100% of America's money. Since people started hoarding money the government no longer backed up the money 100% with gold. .
             The Great Depression had a great impact on the US and the lives of the people living there. The Great Depression had both physical and psychological effects on the people. The people of America were not only devastated about not having food, shelter, and clothing but they felt guilt and blamed them selves for these problems. A result of this guilt some people became deeply depressed then committed suicide. Another psychological effect was the humility men felt about having to take charity to help care for their families. The children were also greatly affected. Some children instead of going outside and playing had to go and get a job at the age of 12. They had to do this because there were no jobs for their parents to take. .

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