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the positive infulence on spor

            The Positive Influence of Sports on Modern Society.
             War, crime, acts of terror and other evil run rampant through the streets. The one thing that we, as a nation, have learned to rely on through thick and thin is sports. The place of sports in a modern society helps to encourage a healthy society by giving children positive role models, bringing people together with a common bond and even uniting the world in healthy competition.
             When children are young, many have goals in life that include playing professional sports. Due to that, they look for role models who they can impersonate. Children learn that to be in sports, a code of conduct must be met and that although it sometimes may seem unfair, rules keep the game worth participating in. Most leagues punish their participants for inappropriate conduct; teaching children that everyone has to play by the same rules. Not only do the examples athletes set help to direct children into an appropriate manner of holding themselves, they also teach them values and morals. Although it tends to be the bad role models who make the news, many athletes actually spend time volunteering for the United Way, the Boys and Girls Club, and participating in the Big Brother/Big Sister program. Also, athletes tend to sponsor health-encouraging programs and donate to charities built to make America better for children, such as the Children's Hospital. Although children busying themselves with the task of becoming well developed human beings remains a wonderful reason to support athletic competition, it fails to be the only supporting factor. .
             Sports also have an inexplicable way of bringing people and communities from various backgrounds together. Ranging from the local Friday night bowling league to the Summer Olympics every four years, sports bring a sense of unity along with a diverse topic for conversation. Although some may find it enjoyable to talk about weather on the subway to work, talking about sports creates a somewhat deeper, more meaningful connection.

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