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The Great Gatsby

             The American Dream in the back in the 1920's was originally .
             about pursuing happiness, growth, and indivivualism, but the dream .
             was corrupted by greed and the desire for pleasure. In the Great Gatsby, .
             almost every character had a desire for something. The characters in the .
             story were corrupted by greed. .
             Jay Gatsby, the stories main character, is the first example of .
             amorality. Coming from a poor family with nothing, Gatsby desired .
             wealth, security, and to be an intellectual aristocrat. He wished to .
             impress Daisy, whom he fell in love with while on duty for the military. .
             He aquired his wealth, but it was through bootlegging and other .
             criminal acts. He begins to create himself over again and even changes .
             his name. He throws many lavish parties and purchased a large mansion in the .
             "West Egg." Gatsby longs for his younger days when he and Daisy were in .
             love. .
             Tom is another key character in the story. He is married to Daisy, .
             Gatsby's love interest. Tom desires power and wealth and he is a very .
             arrogant man. He tries to control everyone and everything, especially .
             women. He cheats Daisy with other mens' wives. He expects everyone .
             around him to live up to his moral standards, which he himself does not .
             follow. .
             Daisy is the wife of Tom. She and Gatsby were in love and she .
             promised to wait for him when he went to war, but when Tom asked her .
             to marry him, she decided not to wait any longer. She desires easy .
             wealth and luxury. She is a careless person who hides behind her money. .
             She allows Gatsby to take the blame for killing Myrtle Wilson, when .
             she herself killed her with her car. Then she doesn't attend Gatsby's .
             funeral, but moves away. .
             In this story, it shows how the "American Dream" was diluted by greed .
             and pleasure in the 1920's. Many people desired to be rich and started .
             becoming amoral. The story depicts Fitzgerald's view of life in the 1920's. He .
             felt that the "American Dream" was corrupted by amorality and greed.

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