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Great Gatsby

            In the novel The Great Gatsby , there were many characters that show the reality of life, such as Gatsby, Daisy, or Nick. However, Nick was the character, who inspired me most.
             Nick had a big role in the novel. He was the narrator of this novel. Nick was a struggling bond salesman that just move next to that big place on the island, Gatsby's place. Nick seemed to like his new home. In the novel, Nick often talked about how homesickness that he felt was relating back to his father conduct. According to the novel, " Reserving judgments of infinite hope .".
             ( Fitzgerald 1) Nick had the wrong understanding about values of life. He thought that money came before wisdom. In other words, Nick believed that money could buy everything. In the novel, Nick used Gatsby as his model. Both of them paid attention about money more than anything. They believed it could buy love. Nick always narrate about how great Gatsby was. Based on what he said, it seemed like the more he told about Gatsby, it seemed like he wanted to copy him. Gatsby was Nick" s idol. Nick always had a negative feeling toward people, such as Tom. Nick thought that Tom did not like him. In fact Nick also showed as a immature when he knew the truth about Gatsby was a bootlegger. He could not accept the truth that his idol was doing an illegal job for living. He ruined his day because of this fact about Gatsby.
             Nick had a big role in this novel. He was the one who connected most characters together. He was Daisy's cousin, and Gatsby's neighborhood. He was the key of Gatsby affair with Daisy. It was because of Nick that let Daisy and Gatsby met each other. It also was Nick , who was the witness for Tom affair with Myrtle. Probably, he should tell Daisy for a long time, but he did not. He thought that it was not his business to tell Daisy. It was the family problem. Nick was not in that family. In fact , he wanted to tell Daisy, but he was afraid of Tom.

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