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Why She Should Not

             In the play I read was "Why She Would Not" by Bernard Shaw. Scene one is set on a path through a wood. A lady, good-looking, well dressed, and not over thirty, is being conducted along the path by a burly and rather dangerous-looking man, middle aged, ugly, dressed in a braided coat and mutton pie cap which give him the air of being a hotel porter or commissionaire of some sort. The man ends up trying to rob the woman. The man and the lady start violently, not having noticed a newcomer until he arrives between them. He is likeable looking juvenile in a workman's cap, but otherwise might by his clothes be an artisan off duty or a gentleman. His accent is that of a well-bred man. The man saves the woman. They walk back to her home. .
             Scene two is at the gates of a pretentious country house surrounded by a high stone wall and over shadowed by heavy elm trees. The Newcomer and the Lady arrive. She opens her bag and takes out a key to unlock the wicket. The lady wants to pay the newcomer for saving her. He just wants a job. She says that she will get him one with her grandfather's company.
             Scene three is set in the boardroom of White Sons and Bros. Ltd. In the chair old Reginald White, still keen and attentive, but mostly silent. Jasper White, domineering but not quite up to his father's mark, Montgomery Smith, counting-house chief, and two clerks who make notes but say nothing, and three or four members of the Board, silent on lookers. Bossborn, looking quite smart in a clean white collar and well brushed suit, is before them, bareheaded. Old Reginald offers Bossborn a job. Then Jasper tells him what it is he has to do. Bossborn turns it down. They come to an agreement. Bossborn is on a trial job.
             Scene four is set in the drawing room of the Four Towers which is over crowded with massive Victorian furniture. Two years have elapsed since the incident in the wood. Bossborn, now a very smart city man, matured and important looking, is being entertained by Serafina.

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