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            Prejudice is caused by the lack of knowledge of others. The book, 12 Angry Men, showed a lot of prejudice from the jurors. During the case most of the jurors based their first decision on a stereotype. They looked at the defendant's past history of crime and just assumed that he was guilty. Only one juror at the beginning had the courage to stand up to all the others with his beliefs. As time passed he got others to follow him as they looked over all the evidence. .
             The Defendant could have been put in jail or even killed for a crime that he didn't commit. This prejudice could have ended in a terrible mistake and could have taken this mans life or at least a good portion of it Even Babe had prejudice in it. You can tell something is a problem when it even happens with animals. .
             Babe was put in a bad position in the first place. He was taken away from his mother when he was real small. From there he was brought to a farm. There the rest of the animals told him that pigs had no use to anyone. This hurt Babe's feelings because he thought that he didn't have a purpose now. Babe eventually realized that he did have a purpose. He was the best sheep pig ever. He was better than any dog they could put out there. Babe showed everyone else that sometimes it isn't appearance that shows who you are but instead it's the way you act. Mr. Hoggett had to put up with prejudice also. Even though the rules said there was nothing wrong with a sheep pig the judges still contested it. They said he would lose respect by the committee. Instead Babe showed that .
             Mr. Hoggett made the right decision when he entered Babe. The Cage had a serious amount of prejudice. The story takes place during World War II. During the war .
             Hitler would have anyone killed that is of Jewish ancestry. This puts Riva's family in a lot of trouble. Everyday a few more people were hunted out and sent to concentration camps. Time after time they have to get under their table and hide in the basement until the soldiers leave.

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