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stereotypes about football

             The movie "The Best of Times" portrayed a lot of the common stereotypes present about football players and high school sports teams. .
             The most disturbing and most common stereotype of sports, especially football players is that they have no brains, nor wit, nor intelligence, and don't care about real world issues. The dinner scene between the two football players and their wives exaggerates the mens" inability to hold an intelligent conversation, and also about their choice of women, who care about nothing else but the men's looks and their own beauty, how well their men can behave themselves, and how the women hate football. .
             Also there was the false judgement about football players that they become fat, ugly, unhealthy, and out of shape when they get older. This is displayed by the scene when the former team members such as Bam Bam come off the bus, and in the scene when the former teammates are forced to train, and they have an extremely hard time doing basic exercises. .
             I observed that the football players all seem to have problems with their wives because of the damage to their egos that the loss of that important historic football game caused. The whole town seemed to have gone down in the dumps with the loss of that game. All the people who have a stake in the winning of a team always manipulate the team members into thinking that a loss will cause the destruction of something as big as a whole city. .

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