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The Sanctuary, as Known to High School Football Players

            The simplest concept of a football field a hundred and twenty yard patch of grass with a goal post at each end of the field. But, to most high school football players a football field signifies a whole lot more. The field can bring out every emotion that a human is capable of feeling. It can make or break dreams that they have once had. All this comes from a field of grass that is a hundred and twenty yards with a goal post at either end. To some, the football field is the most interesting place on the earth.
             On Fridays in the fall, all day the school's football team grinds out another day of school as they look forward to there action filled night. The kids usually pay little attention and do minimal work because they see school as a way to pass time until game time. The excitement for the game eats at every player all through out the day. They can not wait until they see their first glimpse of that beautiful field. Knowing that in a few hours they will be at the place that comforts them the most, brings them great solace.
             There are always stories that come around about high school games, known as "Friday nights under the lights!". Just thinking about those special times in young mens lives when they become men on the field, will give any former player goose bumps. The weather always seems to be just right on game night. The team comes out for there pre-game warm up, the sun is setting, while the lights are being turned on. That cool, September weather makes it perfect for a night in which you will do battle with the man across from you for the next three hours. To a player the field is the most beautiful thing in the world. In their minds, the field is more beautiful than their mother, or even their girlfriend. .
             On the journey that a team embarks upon bonds are formed. These kids that grow up together, playing from the time they were little, go to the field together, and they see the same thing.

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