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            I can't say that I've been stereotyped before, but categorized, I think I may have. Being a football player at Lejeune High School, you were defitnally categorized. Most teacher's would think that you were the worst person in school. They say that all football players have attitudes, and they thing that were going to pass just because we play football. Most teachers are harder on football players than anyone else, and that's just because we play football, it's just like second nature to them. It be different if I was the only one that notice it, but I"m not, other teachers have notice it as well. Everything just seemed so much harder during football season, and when football is over, everything seems to get so much easier. .
             I can't say that its absolutely true, but I feel that it is, because I"m not the only one noticing it. I remember this one time during the season, we had homecoming that week. I was two minutes late from turning in a paper and I remember trying to turn the paper in, but he wouldn't take it. He kept on telling me that since I"m a football player, and that I"m the leader of the team that I should think about school before football, and that my priorities are messed up. So, I was like whatever and I walked away. Exactly one minute later this one girl went and turned in the same paper and he took it, and the only thing he said to her was, "thank you." He wouldn't even take my paper, and it was the first time I've ever been late turning in a paper. .
             It wasn't that big of an issue to me, but it made me mad because I had to sit out 5 minutes of the first quarter for not turning in my paper. So, I thought it was unfair of course. The next Monday in class, I"d decided to let him know that since he didn't allow me to turn in my paper, that I had to sit the bench for 5 minutes, and he said to me, "that's what you get for having your priorities all messed up". So from then on, I did all my work, but I"d never participate in anything we had to do, but the situation was never really resolved.

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