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Good is sometimes worse

            In the town of Kinston, there is a girl named Entiree because her mother at birth told her that's what she will get from this world. Sorry that her mother plan failed because Entiree mother died right after she spoken them profound words. Sadly to say, that her life taken a down turn in the worse way with Entiree moved in an orphanage until she was 16. .
             Entiree lived her whole life thinking that she didn't fit in with the other kids for some reason. When she with her friends, wole and lifee" she acts like she is the queen of the world with immunity against oppression from this harsh world. Living in on the east end of Kinston with her foster family, the Worlds loved her so much they protected her from finding out her blood ties from but that will follow later in the story. .
             One day that the World family went to the lake and had a good ole picnic in bill Faye park eating home cooked food. Entiree was sitting by the large ditch in the trails wondering about her existence and her feelings, until a rose opened with her answers. "Entiree World," The talking rose said "It suits your mothers plan with you." "What about my mother you say, explain yourself rose," said Entiree. "Ok your are the last sole survivor of the first perfect human being race called Inperfecti." That's bull I say bull, will if it isn't then why a talking rose tell you these things, just ask your parents and see if this is a mirage. So Entiree with this crazy story she just heard, asked her daddy was it true and he laughed at her and that made her feel better. .
             She went to sleep that night dreaming of being a perfect human just for laughs and the next day rolling out of the bed was the most beautiful thing she ever seen. Freaked at the mirror image that she seen pasted out. Regaining consciences. Her parents come in the door to to explain what's happening.

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