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            Glory captures the heroism of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and.
             the first black regiment in the Civil War, the Massachusetts.
             "Fighting" Fifty-fourth. An extremely talented cast and crew.
             earned three Academy Awards (cinematography, sound and supporting.
             actor) and five nominations for their work in Glory. The.
             outstanding cinematography, sound, score and acting recreate the.
             events leading up to the Union attack on Fort Wagner on July 18th.
             Matthew Broderick portrays the young Bostonian abolitionist.
             Col. Robert G. Shaw who takes command of the Fifty-fourth,.
             following the Emancipation Proclamation. Shaw along with Cabot.
             Forbes (Cary Elwes) leads a band of ex slaves, servants and other.
             black volunteers including a rebellious runaway slave Trip.
             (Denzel Washington), Shaw's educated childhood friend Thomas.
             Searles (Andre Braugher), and a former grave digger Rawlins.
             (Morgan Freeman). Together these men face the adversity of a.
             racist Union Army, struggling to prove themselves worthy of their.
             government issued blue uniforms.
             After months of training and exploitation for physical.
             labor, the Fifty-fourth gains the opportunity to fight in an.
             attack on Fort Wagner on the beaches of South Carolina. Poised.
             to dispel the belief that blacks would not be disciplined under.
             fire, the Fifty-fourth leads the almost suicidal attack on Ft.
             Wagner. There Col. Shaw valiantly falls and the Fifty-fourth,.
             suffering great losses, displayed the courage that persuaded the.
             Union to enlist many more black soldiers.The climax of the movie is fairly accurately represented. .
             The Fifty-fourth regiment had slightly over five hundred members.
             when they marched into battle on July 18th, 1863. Over two.
             hundred and fifty members of the regiment died in that battle and.
             several more were injured. That is what proved to the white.
             regiments looking on that the black soldiers were worthy of.
             battle. Glory captures that triumph.

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