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Does Society Love More Readily Than It Hates?

            I disagrre with the statement "human nature loves more readily than it hates." In my opinion, people in today's society look for reasons to dislike oth3er people or things. They continually try to look at the negtive aspect of thinfs and always have a pesimistic veiw on life. .
             High school is a perfect example becausse I have experianced first hand many people who will hate before they love. High school is full of hatred. High school studentgs try to find reasons to dislike people. They are extremly mean to those who aren't like them. If you are not in a certain crowd, or clique, you will constantly be picked on and tortured. If you don't dress a certain way, you are hated by those who do. If you fit under the category of those labledas geeks, freaks, or dorks, than you don't even have a chance with other high school stsudents. They do not even get to know you before they judge you. You're not given a chance to be loved, you are automatically hated jst because you are different. In rare cases you will find some genuwine people who do love you for who you are, but they are few and far between.
             I feel like it is harder for people to love in society because pf thinfgs that have hapened to them in the past. People fear being let down or lied too. Therefore it is harder for them to love and they hate because it is the easy way out. If you just don't like someone, than you don't take the risk of being hurt by them. However, if you grow to love someone and they hurt you, than it is hard bounce back from that and trust people again. People in today's society now look for the easiest escape and my opinion is they do that by disliking those who are differnt becaue that wy they don't risk something bad happening to them.

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