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Lord of the Flies

             In the novel Lord of the Flies, William Golding demonstrates the adolescent behaviour of a group of boys in an environment without adults. The boys' response to being trapped on a deserted island is predictable, however with each circumstance a new attitude emerges from each of them. With each new chapter in the novel, a new chapter in the boys' lives begin. In chapter 8 there is a critical turning point that determines how the boys live and respond to one another as well as their fate. The turning point in this novel is Jack leaving Ralph's tribe to start one of his own. " I'm not going to be part of Ralph's lot "I'm going off by myself."" - (Golding pg. 140) Jacks decision determined the fate of every boy on the island.
             Jack starting his own tribe is a turning point because the majority of the boys in the original tribe sneak off to join Jack. "'That's where they've gone. Jack's party.- (Golding pg.163) Even though they didn't want Jack as their chief they know that they will have a life free of responsibilities, protection from the beasty and also many feasts by joining him. The plot thickens because now the boys in Jacks tribe don't care about the fire anymore and in Ralph's tribe there aren't enough boys to keep it going. Since the fire is their only chance of rescue, their chances of survival has been lowered.
             Another point to why Jack leaving is the turning point in the novel is that later on Jack's tribe becomes barbaric. They become like savages by painting their faces and taking part in murders. The period in their lives where the sight of blood scared them is over. They now play in blood and laugh at death.
             "Then Jack found the throat and the hot blood.
             spouted over his hands. Then Jack grabbed .
             Maurice and rubbed the stuff over his cheeks."".
             (Golding pg.149).
             Ralph's tribe also gives into the temptations of meat and accidentally take part in the murder of a spiritual boy named Simon.

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