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Fuel Cells

             In this particular article, it talked about Daimler-Chrysler's newest journey into fuel cell technology. They put to the test a methanol powered alternative fuel vehicle, in this case a Mercedes A-class, or for the experiments sake a NECAR 5. The test was a trip cross country, 3000 plus miles, crossing 13 states in 12 days. Also in the article they explained the specifications of the automobile on the outside, as well as what exactly a methanol fuel cell is and how it makes the car move. There were a couple of things I already had prior knowledge of. What I've already known is how the hydrogen is separated from the methanol by the system's onboard reformer. It is the hydrogen that is the actual "fuel" of the fuel cell, allowing the cell to create electricity, which in turn powers the electric motor that moves the car. What I didn't know, and to me was extremely interesting was the hydrogen, combines with oxygen, which forms plain water, which is the primary emission from a fuel cell. Talk about your air and pollution conscious ride, this is Green Peace's wet dream-mobile.
             As it relates to this class is straightforward, even though we live in a technocratic society, I believe that this research, on behalf of Daimler-Chrysler and it's engineers, has a hint of enlightenment. My reasoning behind this is, Chrysler is really taking a step forward, pouring millions and millions of dollars into this research despite the backlash from the money hungry oil and gas companies. Gasoline is big business, and especially with war closing in, we can't rely on other countries to provide us with fuel for transportation. Although we won't be able to enjoy these environmentally sound vehicles free of charge, and money is what Chrysler will make in the end, a cleaner and healthier environment is what I believe is their goal for future generations, and that is enlightening.
             The information that I read makes me feel proud to be in a rapidly advancing society.

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