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             The tragic events of September 11th were a stark reminder of the need for comprehensive and coordinated action to respond to common threats. .
             How has the relationship between Nato and Russia changed since the Cold War?.
             1991 : Russia was founding member of the NACC and joined Partnership for Peace in 1994. However, true basis for the development of a strong and durab; le partnership between Russia and NATO was the;.
             1997 Founding Act, set up Nato/Russia Permanent Joint Council (PJC). Substantial programme of practical security and defence-related cooperation was developed and much progress was made in building mis-perceptions through dialogue, in spite of differences over the Kosovo air campaign that led to a year long interruption of the PJC's activities.
             2001 : NATO Information Office, set up in Moscow inaugurated to improve mutual knowledge and understanding.
             2002 : NATO Military Liaison Mission, set up to improve transparency and develop practical military cooperation between NATO military authorities and Russia's Ministry of Defence.
             2002 : ROME SUMMIT NATO - Russia Council (Equal partners of common interest), set up. The ground breaking new body brought together the 19 allies and Russia to identify and pursue opportunities for joint action at 20. The title of their declaration was NATO-Russia relations : A New Quality'.
             Function : To promote Mutual Relations Cooperation and Security. It establishes the Nato-Russia council as a mechanism for consultation, consensus building, cooperation, joint decision and joint action, in which the individual Allies and Russia will work as equal partners on a wide spectrum of Euro-Atlantic security issues of common interest . .
             Central importance: .
             1) The continuous political dialogue on security issues enabled the identification of emerging problems, the determination of common approaches and the conduct of joint actions as appropriate.

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