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Experience, Work Experience..1107

             It was appalling, awful, terrible how could this have happened? "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh," I screeched in tears as I woke up, abruptly. My eyes were raw from the fearful fantasy, and I could still taste the upheaval of it. A peculiar sound was smacked into my ears and was released eventfully a few seconds later. My eternal sleep was over, and I was back in reality once again. Quickly as possible, I washed and dressed myself quite efficiently, and then I packed my bag, crushed my breakfast in my face and was about to stutter off when I realized that I was two and a half an hour late for my first day at my work experience placement. I shortly acknowledged that I was five hours premature! It was three in the morning, ok so it wasn't but it seemed as though. I was eight minutes and three seconds early, and I stood reluctantly waiting for the snobby private school to open, as though I had nothing better to do! .
             However, when it did it was just like one of my sick fantasies. My nerves were operation a riot, for no reason at all. The school had decided to management my every second at there with work. They had made a timetable, and I was stuck with the 'kindergarten' for the whole day. Lucky me! Well, anyway I was brutally pushed into the small, musky classroom, and was forced to clean the mess made by the brats, even "poo". Hey, I did accompany them to the toilets didn't I? They hung onto my skirt similar to leeches, sucking up my pride slowly and painfully. It was horrendous, but I soon became familiar to it. The teachers were wonderful and did their best to tame me, and miserably failed. "Ha, that will teach them." The children were too young to act posh, but they were definitely showing signs of such infection. I wanted to leave instantly!.
             Well, after about twenty two seconds later things appeared to be better. Besides the teachers were whispering about giving me a present at the end of the day, and I could not exactly miss that, could I? They no longer seemed ghastly.

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