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Work Experience

             I currently work for Jefferson Commons at the Ballpark in Austin, Texas. JPI is the corporation that Jefferson Commons is managed by. The apartment complex is a student housing property that has seven different floor plans. My position at this organization is called a community assistant and it consists of helping every other position in the organization with tedious work. I have recently been promoted to resident assistant. I have the honor of doing most of the paperwork to get new people, what we call traffic, into our apartments. I deal with computers, filing, and conversing with potential residents. Having worked there for seven months I have been able to see what it is truly like working in the "real world." .
             JPI owns numerous amounts of apartment complexes in the United States; Jefferson Commons at the Ballpark has been a disaster. When I began working for Jefferson Commons the organization was ninety-two percent delinquent, which means that ninety-two percent of the residents that were living there or that had just moved out from the summer owed money. Obviously, JPI was not pleased with what had been going on. Someone from the corporate office was down from Dallas, Texas (where corporate is located) every week trying to figure out the problem. The atmosphere was not pleasant, to either the workers or our residents. Although the organization needed some tuning I liked working for the apartments. There were several aspects that were positive along with some drawbacks.
             Interacting with people is something I have always felt was important to be involved in. I could work in a cubicle off by myself, but it would get old and tiring. Teamwork is something I have always been accustomed too; I guess playing basketball for most of my life might have had an affect on that. The acronym for TEAM is Together Everyone Achieves More; achieving more is an aspect of business that every manager should want.

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