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Work experience

             I am 32 years old and for the past thirteen years I have been driving tow trucks. It's the only field that I've really been employed in during my adult life. I do enjoy my work but, unfortunately the pay is not very good and due to having a child and the high cost of living in San Francisco, I"m looking at changing careers. That is the main reason I've gone back to college and am seriously working towards a degree in Computer Science. Computers are something that interest me and I've been working with them since I was ten years old and I consider myself to be fairly proficient and knowledgeable about them.
             When I was in grade school, I attended Nueva Learning Center, a private school in Hillsborough for gifted and talented children. I attended there from Kindergarten to Fifth grade. A good majority of the students there came from an upper class background while I came from a lower middle class family. My parents were divorced and I lived with my Mother in a small one bedroom apartment in San Francisco. Money was pretty tight and she struggled to send me to the private school and to put herself through Nursing School at the same time. Most of my classmates came from fairly affluent families and lived in large houses on the Peninsula and I would be embarassed to have friends over to my small apartment. To this day I still have insecurities about money and how people percieve my social background. .
             While most of my classmates went on to attend other private schools after graduating from Nueva, my mother could no longer afford to send me to a private school and I went to a public junior high school in San Francisco. Public school was very different and I had some trouble adjusting. There was a wider variety of people I had to deal with and at times I really felt out of place.
             When I got to high school I started hanging out with the wrong crowd and my grades started to fall. My mother really pressured me to do well in school so I could attend a university after graduation.

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