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Work Experience

             Responsible action in school and/or community.
             From 30th July till 5th June 2003 I partook in a work experience placement at Belmont Junior School.
             Belmont Junior School is a multi-ethnic school based in Chiswick which deals with children of all learning capabilities from 3-12 years old. While I was there I worked with the 3-4 year olds in the nursery. I got to know a lot of children, as there were two groups, the morning session and the afternoon session.
             I wanted to do this placement as it is near my house and I enjoy working with children and wanted to find out more about child care as I would like a future career with children.
             To get the placement I wrote a letter of application which I posted along with my CV to the school, and I then received a phone call from the schools Head teacher, saying I was able to have a placement with them.
             When I was at the nursery, my tasks were to assist with the children and to prepare the fruit for their snack. I would also help clear up the nursery at the end of the day and help set it up in the morning.
             I had a positive impact on the two nursery teachers as they could sort out the nursery whilst I would keep an eye on the children. This was good for them as the nursery was soon to be redecorated, so the nursery had to be packed away and sorted out so it would be ready. I also had a positive impact on the teachers when it was the schools sports day as I would collect the children at the end of each race and bring them back to where they were supposed to be sitting whilst the teachers were looking after the children already sitting down. I also helped out when it was the nursery's trip to the Bunny Park as it was a trip out of school and so they appreciated the help with the children.
             From my experience I learnt a lot more about child care which is harder than it looks. I also learnt how you can teach young children basic things like counting through play.

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