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Lord of the flies

            The novel lord of the flies describes the transformation of civilized boys to savages. Jack paints his face, which indicates he is trying to cover his civilized side. Percival forgets his true identity because all he knows himself as is a blood thirsty savage. Lastly the boys start a chant and a killing dance like a primitive tribe would. The boy's evil side is starting to show through their goodness. Golding really makes an extra effort to show the inner revolution of the boys from civilized to crude. They are taking advantage of the lacking of rules and using it against each other in. In the end it all turns around and they see what the real outcome is of there lack of common sense. .
             Jack Merridew, the leader of the savages, paints his face to hide the civilized side of him. He covers his identity by covering what he looks like. Jack now feels like he can hide his proper side and not worry about the outcome of his savagery. Jack paints his face and looks in the water "no longer at himself but an awesome stranger" (66). Jack is covering his true identity with paint, so it is like it does not matter if he is uncivilized because he is a new person, a savage.
             The insanity is starting to take over the boy's minds and making them think of themselves only as savages. They are starting to forget about their past and being rescued. Nothing else matters to them except for hunting and killing. For instance, Percival forgets who he is and where he is originally from, this is because his identity of being a savage has shattered his true identity. As a result the boys start to believe the only people they really are, are savages.
             Golding really makes a point of the insanity overcoming the boys. The boys now have gotten to the point where they act almost like a cult. The way they act and the things they do are not proper and normal. It is obvious the island is tearing away at the boy's sanity. The boy's start up a chant saying, "Kill the pig, slit his thought, and spill his blood" then dance around mocking the killing of the pig upon a human.

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