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World War one art

            ) Compare and Contrast (that is, tell how they are similar and how they are different) the expectations and the reality of World War I as depicted in the poster art (Overfield, pp. 75-78) and the artwork by veterans (Overfield, pp. 81-83). How do you think you might have reacted to these pieces of art when they were first produced? Why?.
             First off let me say that I chose Question B to answer because I am very weak when it comes to art and I wanted to see if I could try to grasp what the artists were trying to portray in these pieces. I also have a Business degree and Marketing was one of my favorite subjects and I could totally relate to the Marketing spin that was used in the first pieces of art. With that said, what was presented to the people during the war was the idea of Romance. Originally it was thought that victory would come quickly to the war and when this was not the case patriotism was starting to come to an all time low. Propaganda was used to distort the image of the realities of the war in an effort to bolster patriotism and increase funding of the war efforts. In (Overfield, pp. 77-78) the book the depictions portray positive attitudes towards the war and a general carefree atmosphere. B. Hennerberg's, The Departure relates the image of a happy German troop departing for the front receiving roses and refreshments from the beautiful smiling women. The faces depicted in this and the other examples are that of happy and smiling faces and a positive tone. On the same page as Hennerberg's, The Departure, is an advertisement card from Golden Dawn cigarettes that depicts the soldiers in the field laughing and smiling and stating "Time for one more". These pieces and those on pg. 78 were all means to get volunteers for the war effort both physicals and also financially. There were no bodies or carnage of the realities of war, but in actuality this was a marketing scheme designed specifically to deceive the public and glorifying the acts of war.

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