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Born To Be Good

             The debate on the relevance of Affirmative Action is still a heated topic in mainstream America. The article "Supply-Side Affirmative Action" by Clarence Page highlights the reasons why Affirmative Action is crucial to the diversification of Corporate America. Its main focus was to open doors to qualified minorities, thus removing the glass ceiling. Affirmative Action's role is to create a unified environment for the nation's job market and qualifications for college admissions during the height of the Civil Right Movement. Affirmative Action was a forceful tactic placed on society to provide equal opportunity for minorities and women. .
             The author emphasized the opposing views of many white males used to discredit Affirmative Action. One argument used stated Affirmative Action is preferential treatment given to unqualified minorities. However, the original propose was to be more inclusive to qualified minorities, who otherwise would have been ignored. Another opposing argument to Affirmative Action is that promotions given to white males employees were based solely on merit and intelligence, reason being that white males score higher on standardized test. However, it is not mention that Asian Americans score higher than white males, but rarely receive the same benefits. It's an little known fact that white males receive some benefits from Affirmative Action; by expanding the criteria, individuals that have been excluded because of nepotism or favoritism now have a chance for growth within an institution as illustrated by the story of former Vice-President J. Danforth Quayle. A system devised over forty years ago to correct the unjust treatment of minorities is still needed in today's society because the injustice remains.
             Do we still need Affirmation Action? Yes. I believe that Affirmative Action, is an absolute necessity because it insures qualified women, African-Americans, and other minorities the prospect of opportunities that may have otherwise been denied.

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