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Gender Issues

             The distinguished psychologist explores how individuals express their lives. A book about sex in the broadest sense. The two sexes seek to tell us how our development from in fancy through adolescence and into adulthood is affected by gender. Gender means sexual identity, especially in relation to society and culture. The term gender is not usually considered to include the classification of number. In French, for example, there are two gender, feminine, and masculine, marked by form of the articles la and le [both: the.] Most French nouns referring to males are masculine (Le garcon [the boys]), and most referring to females are feminine (La fille[the girl]), thus conforming to natural gender. .
             English nouns may be divided into gender classes according to the personal pronouns they take. Nouns referring to males take he and nouns referring to females take sue.
             The grammatical device of concord, or agreement, is bound up with gender distinctions. Most English nouns referring to objects that cannot be classified by sex take the pronoun it, although exceptions exist; ships. For example, are sometimes referred to as she.
             Male and female differences, physical, emotional, and mental, are biological, not environmental. Men have greater size and strength, a greater capacity for short-term energy output; women have lesser size and strength but a greater capacity for endurance. Mentality, men are better at spatial and mathematical skills and logic; women are better at verbal and social skills and empathy.
             Temperamentally, men are inclined toward dominance, rank related aggression (competitiveness), independence, psychopathic, and sensation-seeking. Women are inclined toward submission, defensive aggression, attachment and nurturance, anxiety, and security-seeking. There are certainly some women who ca keep up with the boys, but they will have narrow pelvises and greater amounts of male hormones than the average.

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