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Closet Space

             Children and adults have items in their closets, which have a variety of uses. There are used up items, used yet useful things, items that will be used, and also things that are in used regularly that take u a great deal of space .The other day I opened my closet door and I noticed that if was up to my knees with junk, so I decided to organize my closet, and I categorized my possessions into uses in order to prioritize my closet space. Before I share with you the make up of my closet I will explain the categories, beginning with used up items.
             Some peoples closets, have items that are wasting space, because they are used up. Children's closets may contain torn collectable cards, candy wrappers, ruined clothing, balled up homework, or any other type of garbage imaginable. This often takes up roughly one third of their closet space. .
             Adults have a supply of used up items in their closets as well. Their closets may contain empty shopping bags, receipts, broken electronics, and often a stash of teeth left by the tooth fairy. The amount of space this wastes varies on the adult. Some will waste about one third of their closet space on used up items, while others may save this space for useful items. .
             There are also many items that are kept in the closet that are used, yet useful. In children's closets, for example, there may be toys that the child is temporarily bored with, hand me downs that do not fit yet, or dirty clothes that have been stored on the floor for months and need to be washed. Children often fill one third of their closet space with these things that they, or someone, has used and will use. .
             Adults, have items in their closets that have been used, yet are still useful too. These items may consist of cloth remnants, buttons, string, tidbits they have saved for craft projects, clothes that are temporarily a size or two off, or old gift bags that may be reused. The average adult may devote approximately two fifths of their closet space to their used, yet useful belongings.

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