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Color Purple

            Relationship between Celie and Shug in Color Purple .
             The Color Purple has an overwhelming plot that follows a woman's life through her dilemmas and a life that is predestined for hardships. her only means of survival are to accept her harsh reality. Celie's tales take us through a series of letters to God, some never sent, and many never received. The letters were her way of keeping her sanity in an abusive world, where only a few others cared to pay attention to her. The mid-point of her life comes after Celie's husband takes home the woman he has been crazy about for years - a feeble, alcoholic juke-box singer named Shug Avery, who has been destroyed by life but has managed to sustain everlasting beauty. .
             Shug's world is the world of the blues, with its earthy wisdom and singer lifestyle. She is a glamorous and beautiful woman that Celie always adores, even before she meets her. To Celie, she is the personification of freedom from the patriarchal system that abuses her. Shug was a successful and powerful woman. She was a desirable blues singer who was creative and smart. However, her strong figure often deceived the reader's mind into assuming that she was always an efficient person. In fact, Shug struggled tremendously to get where she was. She was once in love with Mr. ____. years before. They wanted to get married, but couldn't because he was forced to marry another woman that was arranged for him. Shug should have forgotten their brief love but she did not. She tried to ruin their marriage in hope that he would come back to her but she was not successful. Nonetheless, after Mr wife's died, Mr. ____ was ready to rekindle their passion even though he was currently married to Celie. Along the way, Shug became seriously ill. Therefore, Mr. ____ arranged it so that Shug would move in with him and Celie. At first, Shug is very mean to Celie when she first arrives at their house to get over being sick, and it is because she is somewhat jealous of Celie being married to the man she wanted to marry.

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