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            In 1995, Brian Singer and Christopher McQuarrie dreamed up a simple concept: the audience isn't stupid. From that, they went on and created the most plot-driven, intricately pieced movie in the last 25 years. The result: the Usual Suspects, one hell of a movie that redefines the word plot twist. The story is convoluted, and is really confusing to read, although easy to follow on screen. .
             It is a quiet night in San Pedro, just south of L.A. An explosion rocks a boat moored at the San Pedro docks, shattering the silence and totally destroying whatever was on or in the vessel and most of the craft itself. This boat was believed to hold a cache of cocaine worth $91 million. As dawn breaks, bodies are being dragged from the smoldering hulk: a total of 27 dead. Amazingly, there are two survivors: a Hungarian gangster, who lies burned and battered in a hospital emergency room, and Roger "Verbal" Kint, a crippled con-man from New York, who sits in the police station. Verbal is so-named because he frequently rambles on about anything or nothing. He also earns his name as the movie's narrator, spouting memorable lines like "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist". Waiting to be released on bail, Kint is dragged into interrogation by a U.S. Customs Agent from New York, David Kujan. Here, Kint recounts a tale of five criminals who banded together in New York for one job; five criminals with only one perceived link between them: that they are all in the same holding cell together. Upon their release, the men band together to pull off an intricate heist involving $3 million worth of emeralds. Their success brings them to the attention of the enigmatic Keyser Soze, an unseen, nefarious, and mythic underworld crime figure who coerces them into pulling off an important and highly dangerous job. This is no ordinary heist, because the dope belongs Keyser Soze, a Hungarian mobster so fearsome that when some bad guys threaten his family to get to him, he kills his family himself, just to make it clear how determined he is.

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