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what it was like to graduate

            The class of 2002 stands together in their red and white robes knowing that.
             This is the last time we"ll ever do anything together as a class, the speakers.
             keep reminding us, and I hear a few graduates" utter "Thank God!" behind me. It is.
             the perfect place to graduate, this football field where we all would go for that home.
             game we just couldn't miss, the sun is just beginning to set and orange the sky. I can hear.
             a few birds chirp when it's silent; the air smells like summer, even a more grim reminder.
             of what lies ahead.
             Our tassels move from one side to the other as they get finished handing out diplomas.
             Finally our principal congratulates us on accomplishing what might just be the most important.
             time of our lives, at that moment we throw our caps to the sky and hope our next step in.
             life will be as fun and as memorable as the first. As the clapping dims and the graduates.
             start to part from the field; I find my self thinking, this is really it all of our lives are.
             changed for ever. No more seeing your friends in the hallway, talking to teachers that just might.
             have influenced your life, but most of all, no more memories of High school.
             As I walk toward the bleachers to greet my parents, I notice my classmates sobbing.
             together, realizing the four years" we spent together are all over from this point on. Some will.
             meet again later in life and some will be forgotten, but all has just begun. Its time for us to.
             become adults, and begin our life.
             I find myself flooded with friends that want that perfect last pictures to add to their photo album.
             that will be looked back on for years to come. After all the pictures with the people that made.
             my high school experience all that I could ask for, I continue to walk toward my parents waiting.
             to see their son that has become a man. I can see the look on there faces; and from just that look.
             alone I knew that this day is as much of an accomplishment for me, just as much as it was for.

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