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             Euthanasia is wrong but seems to be getting more popular in today's society. A doctor could put a newborn child with AIDS, an older person on a respirator, and a person in a coma to death with a guardian or family member's permission. Euthanasia has become as common as jumping off a fifteen-story building. Society knows that suicide is bad, but a lot of people don't know that euthanasia is worse. We are supposed to be able to trust doctors but they are putting sick people to death everyday.
             Doctors and families are not known to kill a person that they care about and love. A doctor is known for healing and making their patient feel better, not killing them. A family is supposed to love and support, not kill and inherit. Every person in this world makes it better. The world needs power and contribution from everyone. The elderly teach the youth about our history, and the ill show us strength and will. That is what gives the world life. .
             Many people think that euthanasia is a one-person decision. A family should be included in the decision if a person wants to be put to death. The family could spend the rest of their lives wondering in agony and pain about whether or not a cure would have been found or if the patient would have made it out of the coma. There is not one good reason that a person being put to death should not include their family members in the decision.
             All the reasons for euthanasia are wrong. Many times the family that the patient has loved and respected for so long makes them feel like a burden. Sometimes the family tries to convince the person or each other that there is not enough money to keep them alive and that the person is suffering too much. The person may feel like a burden because of the costs. The family usually can't afford the costs of treatment and that makes a person turn toward the easy way out, death.
             Euthanasia is a way of getting out and taking the easy way out of life.

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