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             My Grandmother is not the oldest person in the world, but she is one of my oldest living relative. I have found out many interesting facts about my Grandmother. I found out when she was born, how they washed there clothes when she was young, and how she got to and from school.
             My Grandmother was born on August the forth 1935. That means that she is 68 years old. To me that is still a young age in today's time. When I think of times when she was growing up though I think of things being much different. "Things now days are much faster" my Grandmother said, everything is go go go. I would have to agree with her, even though I was not in her time. .
             Things were very different when she was growing up. Every household did not have a washing machine or a dryer. So what is a person to do without one? She was not one of the people that washed their clothes in a big dish with soap though, she and her family took their clothes to somebody else's house and they washed them for her and her family. If you think of that now day's it would be like taking all of your clothes to a laundry mat or the dry cleaners. .
             The way she got to school was different then many other kids her age though. She was lucky enough to ride a bus to and from school. That was not something that everybody did back then. Many of the kids her age had to walk back and forth to school, so I see it as blessing to be able to ride a bus to and from school. .
             In conclusion thing back in 1935 were very different than they are today. We are much faster in doing things and are so much more impatient. The age difference, way they washed clothes, and the way they got to school are very different. This was just a little bit if information on my grandmother. .

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